The Birthing Clinic feels strongly about providing good information during the pregnancy and also after the lying-in period. We therefore organize various information evenings and courses:
(In connection with the organization of these information afternoons and evenings, we ask you to sign up by phone beforehand 070 3051 870 or mail to

Everything about breastfeeding!

We have a basic course on breastfeeding, intended for pregnant women and their partners. The following topics are being dealt with (and more):

  • How can you tell your baby gets enough nutrion?
  • How often do you need to feed?
  • How to put the baby to the breast?

We have a English course every month. You can call to make an appointment 070-305 1870 or send an email to


The course is for free for our clients and their partners. If you’re not a client but would like to join you have to pay 10 euros.

Other services:

  • Hiring out of Medela Symfonie breast pumps and scales, its best to call for more information: 070 305 2040..