Costs and insurance

Costs of the delivery and the stay

Almost all the insurance providers compensate a delivery in the Birthing Clinic as a ‘non-medical out-patient delivery, except for the insurance providers; Menzis, Azivo, Anderzorg, De Friesland and all insurance providers from foreign countries. These insurance providers will compensate a delivery in the Birthing Clinic as a home birth.

Non-medical out-patient delivery

A delivery in the Birthing Clinic is compensated by these insurance providers as a ‘non-medical out-patient delivery.’ A legal personal contribution (€ 333,46 in 2016) is applicable here. In the terms of the policy, you can find what is paid for by the insurance provider, as this varies per healthcare package. If you have supplementary insurance, you will probably be reimbursed, either partially or in full, for this deductible.

Home birth

The healthcare providers which compensated the delivery as a home birth charge a maximum of 4 hours for a home delivery. For a 24-hour stay, there is a maximum of 8 hours of maternity care. The legal personal contribution for maternity care is € 4,20 in 2016 per hour.

The payment for the personal contribution can be arranged via a declaration form. The personal contribution is then reimbursed by the insurance provider directly into the account of the Birthing Clinic. For questions please see your own policy conditions.

An example:
It is possible that you have received maternity care for a 12-hour day (4 hours of assistance at the delivery and 8 hours of care), depending upon the time that you came in. For a delivery in the Birthing Clinic, you pay € 4,20 per hour (NZa [National Insurance rate] 2016). For 12 hours, that is a maximum of € 50,40.

Costs of staying after the delivery

If you want to stay in the Birthing Clinic after the delivery, or if you come to the Birthing Clinic from the hospital after a medically-indicated delivery, then the following applies:
For a 24-hour stay in the Birthing Clinic, you will be charged for 8 hours of maternity care.
On the day of arrival, all the hours are counted up until midnight, with a maximum of 8 hours. On the day of departure, all the hours are counted starting at 6.00 am.

Personal contribution

The personal contribution (depending upon your insurance provider) and all other costs will be billed by the Birthing Clinic at the end of the stay. You have toe pay either in cash or with a pin card.
If you have a supplementary insurance and your healthcare provider covers the entire personal contribution of the maternity care/out-patient delivery, then we will give you a declaration form so that you can ask your insurance provider to pay the personal contribution into the bank account of the Birthing Clinic.

Extra costs 2016

  • Material cost per day: €14,00.
  • You do not have to bring your own maternity packet.
  • Guests/ partner who spend the night (excl breakfast)  FREE
  • Breakfast: €4,50 – 6,00
  • Lunch: €5,00 – 7,50
  • Dinner: € 6,50 – 15,00

*The material costs include: cellulose mats, maternity sanitary towels, diapers, use of linens and care products for the baby. Also, the drinks that are supplied by the nutritionist’s assistant and the fruit puree are also part of the material costs.

The material costs and meals are to be paid at the end of your stay; you are not insured for this.
The Birthing Clinic uses the standard fees for maternity care that are set annually by the NZa.
If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our receptionists will gladly help you.

A resume of all the costs of 2016 you can find here.

These prices are valid as of 1 January 2016 and are not binding.
Due to the wide range of insurance providers, no rights may be derived from this information.